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The Alabaster Arts Council and our title sponsors Central State Bank and Coca-Cola are proud to announce Maddie and Tae as a headlining act at the 15th Annual Alabaster CityFest on June 3, 2017. They will perform on the Main Stage at 9 PM.

Maddie Marlow and Taylor Dye never intended to hit a nerve when they sat down to write their debut single, “Girl In A Country Song.” Yet the response was so instant and intense, there was no denying it. NPR’s “All Things Considered” cited Maddie & Tae for “turning heads in different ways with their very first single,” Rolling Stone cited them as one of “10 New Artists You Need to Know.” Even The Atlantic marveled: “Cheekily appropriating much of the sound of modern country, the two young women directly quote well-known bro-country lyrics and titles…”

“We wanted to go at it from a girl’s perspective, and we wanted to put ourselves in the shoes of this girl,” says Dye. “You know, how does she feel wearing those cut-off shorts, sitting on the tailgate?”

But there’s so much more to Maddie & Tae than their first hit song. NPR’s lead pop critic, Ann Powers, agrees: “Maddie and Tae are more. They’re songwriters, powerful harmonizers, and in the video for ‘Girl In A Country Song,’ natural comediennes.”

Listening to the double harmonies over an acoustic guitar in their hit “Fly,” Maddie & Tae’s conviction is evident. It’s the sort of song that empowers people wherever they are in life, whatever challenge they may be encountering. “‘Fly’ hits home every time we listen to it,” Dye offers. “We really wanted to write a song that was, ‘You may not have anything figured out, but it doesn’t matter.’”

Sometimes, it’s the freshest faces and brightest sounds that pull us in. For Maddie & Tae, who embrace real country, it’s that merge of what’s right now and what they love that sets them apart. We are proud and excited to welcome them to Alabaster CityFest.

You can find out more about Maddie and Tae at their website,, and follow them on Facebook at

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