About Alabaster CityFest

Primary Event Organized by the Alabaster Arts Council

The mission of the Alabaster Arts Council is to advance and enrich the quality of life in the Alabaster community through the arts and art education.

Although we have several events throughout the year, Alabaster CityFest, an annual Outdoor Music Festival organized by the Alabaster Arts Council, is our primary venue for promoting family fun via music, arts and art education.

Alabaster Arts Council 2017-2018 Officers

President: Adam Moseley
1st Vice President: Henry Raymond
2nd Vice President: Camille Herron
Treasurer: Vic Smith
Secretary: Renna Clements

Alabaster Arts Council Directors

Director (2018 – 2020): Jamie Cole
Director (2018-2020): Michael Giddens
Director (2018 – 2019): Robin Smith
Director (2018 – 2019): Debra Foster
Director (2018): Angela Moseley
Director (2018): Carl Ray

Alabaster Arts Council Members

Greg Hussey
Carla Garner
Adele Nelson
Tracy Wyatt
Heidi Ramey
Sophie Martin
Charissa Cole
Calvin Rumph
Martha Musso
Chris Smith
Jason Sills
Kenny Hill
Emily Sykes
Brett Krutsch
Jeannie Bubbett
Michael Barnes
Jamia Williams
Kimberlee Campbell
Rusty Martin
Sherry Bourque
David Bourque

General Information

The Alabaster Arts Council officially incorporated as a non-profit 501c3 organization in 2007, but the heart of the organization has been in existence since the first Alabaster CityFest in 2003. The organizers of that event went on to found the Alabaster Arts Council to improve the success of CityFest and to take a more active role in the enrichment of arts and art education in the Alabaster Community.

Providing Resources for Local Schools

Part of the mission of the Alabaster Arts Council is to help provide resources for local schools and organizations in providing arts education and helping young children get a firsthand knowledge of the joys that art and art appreciation bring to the quality of life in our community.

  • Providing grants to local schools for art, music and drama programs
  • Funding art and music programs for the Alabaster Seniors
  • Funding art and music programs for the EMPOWER Therapeutic Arts Program
  • Funding and facilitating art programs for at risk youth
  • Providing grants for the local arts including the South City Theatre
  • Apply for an Arts Grant

If you are interested in applying for an arts grant, download the Alabaster Arts Council Grant Application.


Contact the Alabaster Arts Council

1109 First Street South
Alabaster, AL 35007


To request AAC public records, send an email to artscouncil@alabastercityfest.com with a formal request.