This is our final contest for Alabaster CityFest. Your last opportunity to win VIP Passes — which give you access to the VIP area all day; you can view the main stage from a special VIP area; you can access the VIP tent all day to enjoy air-conditioning, a wide variety of foods throughout the day from local restaurants, ice-cold sodas, tea, water, coffee (during the morning hours).

The winner of this contest will receive…

  • 6 VIP armbands
  • 1 VIP Parking Pass
  • 6 CityFest T-Shirts (from sizes available)

Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Be sure you have liked our Facebook Page –

Step 2: Look at the full list of Alabaster CityFest Sponsors on our website –

Step 3: Take Selfies with Our Sponsors (selfies with the most sponsors wins)


To qualify, you must take a selfie photo with AT LEAST 5 sponsors listed under the Title, Diamond, Platinum or Gold category. (1) TELL the business what you are doing! Tell them you are trying to win a CityFest contest for VIP passes. (2) The selfie must include yourself with something in the photo that CLEARLY shows you are at the sponsor’s location — like maybe their entrance with their big logo/sign above the doorway. Something VERY OBVIOUS. If we have to search for something in your photo to figure out where you are, you lose points.


Bonus Points for getting an employee to join you in your photo. If the employee doesn’t have a store uniform on, you’ll need to tell us they are an employee when you send your photos in. You can also earn bonus points for creativity and having fun. But don’t forget that every photo must clearly show where you are — so don’t let your creativity take over and forget that. And, respect the business — we want you to have fun, but first and foremost, do not disrupt or disrespect the business!


The winner will be whoever follows the rules above AND has selfies with the MOST number of unique Sponsors. Only 1 photo per sponsor will be counted. You can send several photos to show your creativity and fun, but it will count for only 1 sponsor. Only 1 winner will be chosen.

SUBMIT YOUR PHOTOS – #2017SponsorSelfies

Post them to our Facebook page with #2017SponsorSelfies in your post. If you have trouble posting directly to our page, you can send by private message and we will post. But we’d prefer you to post them directly.


All selfies must be posted on our Facebook page by 9PM Thursday, June 1st. The Winner will be selected Friday morning, June 2nd, and announced on Facebook sometime between 8AM – 10AM.

Email us at if you have any questions.