There are limited time slots at Alabaster Arts Council events for local, regional and up-and-coming artists to perform on the main stage. Here’s how they are chosen.

Alabaster Arts Council members meet throughout the year to discuss entertainment lineups. These discussions include ways to make Alabaster CityFest and Alabaster Jubilee appeal to as many festival-goers as possible with a diverse lineup of artists throughout the day and evening.

If you or an artist you manage is interested in performing, here are some things to consider:

  • The Alabaster Arts Council endeavors to create a lineup that represents a diverse range of musical tastes and genres. If you’re a member of the audience, that means every act likely won’t appeal to you personally, but hopefully several will! If you’re a performer, that means we likely won’t book a whole bunch of similar acts so that we can appeal to a wider number of people in our region. That’s a challenge, but we work hard to meet it.
  • Late evening acts events are world-class professional touring artists. While that is NOT a requirement of daytime acts, please understand that the bar is still high, and there are requirements (keep reading).
  • While performing original music is not necessarily required, there is heavier consideration given to acts who perform original material. Cover bands, while not ruled out, are a lower priority.
  • Extensive experience performing publicly, along with evidence of that performance, is a minimum requirement. References are also helpful. Artists who wish to be considered must submit an EPK (electronic press kit) along with video of recent performances, preferably of original music. If you’re a cover artist, submit video of a recent performance that shows a unique take or perspective on the music you cover. The EPK and recent video are required and must be submitted via email at Physical media (CDs, DVDs, etc.) cannot be considered at this time and, if mailed to the Arts Council or submitted by other means, cannot be returned.
  • As you can imagine, we receive hundreds of requests to perform that meet these requirements. As such, we can only contact those artists in whom there is interest for performance. So it’s unlikely you’d hear from us after submission unless there is strong interest in having you perform. (We’re an all-volunteer organization, and while we review EVERY email, we can’t possibly answer every submission or offer critique/feedback/explanation!)

Again, submit your EPK and links to recent performances on video at