Welcome to Alabaster CityFest

June 1, 2024 — 22nd Annual Outdoor Music Festival

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We are so excited to provide you information on one of Alabama’s premier family festivals, held the first Saturday of June each year.  Alabaster CityFest is located in Alabaster, Alabama, a suburb of Birmingham, Alabama. The festival takes place at Thompson High School. The main entrance will be off of Thompson Road, but a secondary entrance is also open from Kent Dairy Road. The address to THS is 1921 Warrior Parkway, Alabaster, AL. Get directions to Alabaster CityFest.

Alabaster CityFest Traffic Flow


MAIN ENTRANCE: All shuttle buses will drop attendees off at the MAIN ENTRANCE (marked on the map in YELLOW). This is where you would also catch a shuttle bus to get back to your car later in the evening.

VENDOR CHECK-IN: If you have reserved a Vendor Booth for the event, you will check-in with the Vendor Coordinators on the north side of the school, as indicated on the map in purple. Vendor Check-In is FRIDAY, the day before the event, between 3PM – 9PM. We encourage you to bring all bulky items (tent, tables, chairs, bins, boxes, etc.) and leave overnight. The Alabaster Police Department will monitor the venue throughout the night. If you have any concerns about checking in on Friday afternoon/evening, there are available check-in times Saturday morning, the day of the event. The Vendor Coordinators will reach out to all vendors a few days before the event to coordinate your check-in times. On Saturday morning of the event, all vehicles must be parked in the designated Vendor Parking area BY 8AM. NO EXCEPTIONS! For additional vendor-related information, please review the vendor guidelines before the event.

VIP AREA: For our VIP’s who have received a special VIP armband, enjoy a variety of food and Coca-Cola® beverages in the VIP Area, which is inside the school (enter at VIP Entrance Area – marked on the map with a red star). And to enjoy the entertainment, there will be a fenced off seating area for VIP to sit/stand and view the stage. STANDING SPACE ONLY or BRING YOUR OWN CHAIRS!

VIP PARKING: Be sure to have your VIP Parking pass!! VIP Parking is noted on the map in RED. If the VIP lot is full, you are welcome to park in any GREEN lot designated for General Parking.

GENERAL PARKING: General parking is noted on the map in the GREEN areas (and also behind the stadium – which isn’t showing on the map). Once this fills up, parking is available at TMS and then the Alabaster Municipal Park (in that order). All parking will have free shuttle service.

HANDICAP PARKING: We encourage all non-wheelchair handicapped individuals to park in regular parking spaces. Shuttle buses will be picking up from all parking areas and dropping off at the main entrance, so no need for long distance walking. For those confined to a wheelchair, there is wheelchair-only parking noted on the map. It is limited in space and is only for those confined to a wheelchair.

WHAT TO BRING: Bring a chair, sunscreen, sunglasses, and cash to shop with our vendors.

WHAT NOT TO BRING: No smoking, no vaping, no firearms or weapons, no alcohol, no coolers and no pets.

Need a Hotel Room for the Weekend?

For hotel recommendations, visit a complete listing of hotels in the Shelby County area provided by Shelby County Tourism.

Bring Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Shopping Money

Come early, and stay all day! Gates open at 9 a.m. Tents and umbrellas may be used for shade during the day, but must come down before the main stage concerts begin. Don’t forget your sunglasses and sunscreen! Remember, it is a June Music Festival in Alabama…the weather is unpredictable. Bring shopping money so you can shop the custom and unique items available in the vendor area.

FREE Parking & FREE Shuttles

For your convenience, we have several FREE public parking areas with shuttles running to and from the festival site. Shuttles begin running at 8:45 a.m. and continue until the end of the festival. We also have reserved wheelchair parking available to provide easier access to the festival area — but understand, this event is outdoors and there are curbs, hills, grass and gravel to deal with throughout the venue.

Be sure to leave your coolers, firearms or weapons in your car before getting on the shuttle bus!

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